With green and sustainable solutions we can be an invaluable partner in making sure your assets perform to the highest level.

Our experienced and innovative workforce has worked on- and offshore all over the world. They are our main contributors to ensure long-term partnerships with satisfied customers.

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Illus: Box coolers

Box coolers

Proper maintenance is absolute key to prevent corrosion damages to your vessel. NGP offer a complete …

Illus: Flushing


Debris, slime, organic materials or rust can all cause the system to fail. NGP offer a maintenance …

Illus: Freshwater systems

Freshwater systems

Cleaning drinking water systems, potable tanks and upgrade of filter systems. NGP offer a complete …

Illus: Surface


NGP offers environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to all kind of surfaces with our NGP Gel …

Illus: Tank systems

Tank systems

NGP provides tank cleaning services on all kind of deposits and tank preservation.