At NGP, we are committed to sustainability and quality. We understand that to offer products and services that exceed our customers' expectations, we need a team of dedicated and skilled employees. That's why, over the past year, we've embarked on a targeted skills enhancement initiative for our staff.

Focused Skills Development

Our approach to skills development has been comprehensive, aiming to strengthen our employees’ abilities in key areas. We have facilitated and funded various courses and certification programs relevant to our operations and growth plans.

Crane Operator Course

Ensuring safe and efficient material handling, our employees completed a crane operator course, equipping them with the skills to operate cranes safely—critical in our daily operations.

Rigging Course

Focusing on safety and precision, our staff participated in a rigging course, preparing them for complex tasks associated with equipment and material rigging, thus enhancing operational efficiency.

Flange Course

To maintain the highest safety and quality standards, we’ve implemented a flange course, covering proper flange use essential for preventing leaks and ensuring system integrity.

BE Certification

Beyond technical courses, all our employees have achieved BE certification, allowing them to drive heavier vehicles and trailers, increasing our logistics capabilities and service flexibility.

A Bright Future

Investing in our employees’ skills is an investment in Nordic Green Products AS’s future. These initiatives have already shown improvements in efficiency, safety, and quality across our operations. By equipping our team with necessary knowledge and skills, we are better positioned to face future challenges and continue delivering sustainable and innovative solutions to our customers.

Our commitment to continuous improvement and skills development is a core part of our identity. We look forward to an exciting year of new opportunities, projects, and successes. At Nordic Green Products AS, the future is not just green; it’s bright, thanks to our dedicated and skilled team.