NGP recently completed a significant project involving the cleaning and recoating of box coolers for the vessel Siem Dorado. This project, carried out at the Prismar workshop in Brazil, highlights NGP's meticulous approach to marine maintenance.

Project Overview

The project began with a thorough visual inspection of the box coolers, revealing minimal shell and algae accumulation. Initial observations suggested an efficient cleaning process. However, significant paint wear was noted, necessitating a complete recoating to ensure effective protection against galvanic corrosion.

Cleaning Process

The cleaning phase, initiated on April 18 and 19, employed both mechanical and chemical methods. Initially, the box coolers were mechanically cleaned. The comprehensive procedure included multiple flushing stages to ensure all residues were thoroughly eliminated:

  • Mechanical cleaning.
  • Chemical bath dip.
  • Multiple flushes with water through all tubes.
  • High-pressure (HP) washing to remove any remaining chemicals.
  • Visual inspection before preparing for sandblasting.

NGP’s ability to adapt and maintain high standards in marine equipment maintenance ensured the successful restoration of the Siem Dorado’s box coolers. This project exemplifies our expertise and dedication to provide top-tier services in the marine industry.