Nordic Green Products (NGP) are proud to announce that we have signed a service agreement with NRF – a leading manufacturer of box coolers, plate heat exchangers and shell/tube coolers for the marine marked.

Effective immediately, the agreement entitles NGP to perform on-site service and repairs on NRF coolers, as well as distribute spare parts and service kits for NRF`s cooling systems. This includes chemical cleaning and recoating of box coolers as well as minor repairs such as substituting individual coils on a cooling system.

We appreciate the responsibility given to us as a licenced service provider and will make sure we meet the high standards set by NRF and their customers.

NRF`s network in the marine industry will provide us with the market penetration needed to reach our potential. NGP are confident that this will help us leverage our position as a leading service partner within the marine industry.

NRF have been a leading manufacturer of cooling products since 1927. They are market leading in the marine cooling sector and have 8 plants (3 Europe, 5 Asia) and 19 strategically positioned warehouses. They have global engineering, testing and development facilities and export to more than 80 countries worldwide.

NGP are a leading service provider within the marine market, providing its customers with excellent service on cooling systems, fresh-water-, deluge- and vacuum systems.