As we step into a new year, we proudly reflect on the journey of Nordic Green Products AS, a journey marked by our dedicated focus on environmental friendliness. Established in 2011, our company has been rooted in the development of environmentally friendly chemicals for industrial use, with a special emphasis on the offshore and maritime sectors.

Commitment to environmental friendliness 

From our earliest days, our primary goal has been to contribute to a greener industry through innovative and environmentally friendly products. This vision has shaped our journey and driven the development of our product range. Our early years were marked by an engaged exploration of sustainable alternatives that both enhance efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

Innovation and product development 

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Approval of Odin Gel and Cons for use in drinking water systems

Our ‘gelled’ products and liquid chemicals, which are both technically advanced and gentle on the environment, represent the core of our commitment to sustainability. Odin Gel and Odin Concentrate, celebrating a decade of approval for use in drinking water systems this year, are the result of our continuous efforts to combine ecological responsibility with industrial performance.

Reflecting on key projects 

In 2024, it is inspiring to look back at various projects carried out a decade ago. Our environmentally friendly solutions have been crucial in projects such as surface cleaning on Eldfisk II and cleaning of drinking water systems on Gullfaks C. Internationally, we contributed with our environmentally conscious products in projects like cleaning of box coolers in Las Palmas and combating biological fouling (biofouling) on MS Silja Europa, demonstrating how industrial efficiency can be achieved without sacrificing environmental considerations. This has laid the foundation for our development to this day, where we can boast a record number of projects and sales turnover in 2023.

Commitment to global solutions and the future 

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Picture from our collaborators Majestic's workshop in Dubai.

With an exciting year ahead of us, we are committed to continuing to deliver environmentally friendly and effective solutions globally. Our upcoming projects in cities such as Amsterdam, Dubai, Singapore, Cape Town, and Liverpool reflect our global footprint and commitment to providing greener alternatives for industrial needs.

Our vision for the future 

Our past, present, and future are deeply rooted in our vision of being a leader in environmentally friendly industrial solutions. Through constant innovation and an unconditional commitment to the environment, we look forward to continuing our journey and making a difference in the world, one environmentally friendly innovation at a time.